The Big Plan for PPL

Pay Per Lead is huge!

To capitalize on this I am embarking on a huge project.


They each will have a website built for them.

The theme used on these websites is a Lead Generation theme.  This theme is specifically optimized for performance and conversions.  Obviously, fresh content will be used for each website/vertical.

The plan is to build 78 different Lead Generation websites and to monetize them each in 1 of 3 ways.

  1. Rank the website to sell the leads it produces or PPL.
  2. Rank the website and Rent it for a monthly fee.
  3. Sell the complete website with its Ranking power.

Fun with web devThis will be fun!


  1. Building the pbn’s could and will be costly, so linking several money sites to a pbn will keep costs down.  However if a website is sold, the pbn’s used with it must be sold with it.
  2. Each lead generation website will need a Tracking Phone Number.  Selling the website will decrease that cost.
  3. Renting the websites for a monthly fee may be best.  The monthly income will cover any monthly associated fees.

Each website will need its own Social Circle and GMB.

The plan is to build 3-5 by myself, then have a VA build the rest.

Side note…

The list is broken down into Categories, such as Automotive, Construction, Health, Hotels, and Travel.  Instead of going crazy and building out each of them, I may choose to stick with just a few.  The best plan is to focus on the High-Income verticals, such as Roofers and Surgeons.