Silo like a God


Structuring your website using a Silo is the ONLY way.




In the video above, we watch Charles Floate with his Category magic. (Love the music…)

By using a Silo structure with Category’s, it is very effective when the website has 100’s, if not 1000’s of pages.

By having only a few Category’s you can link to them more easily, which would then link to every page that is within the Category.  This is very effective and efficient with the Link Juice dispersal.

It’s all in the flow of the Link Juice and how it’s used for which page(s).

Some pages may have or need the Authority and how the juice is used will affect how well that page Rank’s.


Silo with Category’s:

Let’s imagine a website with 17 pages.  We’d need to link to 17 pages or 1 to the main page.  This is NOT effective!

If we break down the 16 pages into 4 Category’s with 4 Pages each, then we’d only need to link 5 times to cover the 17 pages.  Of course we could break it down further, add more Category’s or add more Link’s.

By each Category being linked to, each page that is a part of that Category get’s juice.

Silo by category

Control where your juice flow’s…


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